Hey guys. Happy Almost Merdeka. Hope y'all are having a good time! :D

so, recently, i came across this video on youtube.

this guy is a genius. check the video out and also his youtube home page.

he is pure awesome, in my opinion. and it'll inspire you dudes, if you have a thing for stop motion. he's prolly the most creative guy i've seen in youtube. just check his vids out. and comment on whatchu thing. okaydokay? :D:D

happy one day holiday guys :D

p.s: do we have english on tuesday? or is Ms Alice still sick? :(


some random pix LOL

Startin with our boss of the blog
Mr Char-les
the great

before this...
zomg!!! so shy~

busy translating english songs to malay vesion!
i heard "terbakar" in sean kingston fire burnin song!!!

sexy back! fiuwit~ LOL

maria's face.. outta shape (its movement)

u can see some principles of design here...
& one ganas old lady too.. xD

Makan time!!!!
sok pen's biG mouth!

ms kelly yong


wen teng : bali nice!

supz~ mmm!!!

menu menu! mau makan apa??

ys: hey, y dont look at me?
wt: outside view is way nicer~
ys: =.=

look at kelly's face!!!


Introducing the New Joker!

This is the latest Scoop!

The unveiling of the actor who will replace the late Heath Ledger as the Joker! This new actor has the uncanny physical resemblance to the Joker himself. Pls take note, no make up or special effects was used when this picture was taken.

'we managed to find him at the nearest drag qleading ueen night club in LA', said the leading E magazine reporter last thursday.

'we saw his audition it scared the living s... out of me!'
- Fabio Cannavo

'I broke my leg dancing when I saw him! I am gonna beat the s... out of him - Gosu

Therefore based on these encouraging quotes, we can see a great future for him.
N.U.T news

Useful Link!

My fellow design proteges,

do keep abreast with the development of the visual arts in malaysia and the international scene. check out kakiseni at the URL below. Do enter competitions to get yourself recognised. Also check out the list of blogs we are following.

Create a Hero Competition! Pls dont miss out on this. Make this an additional project for your portfolio and of course for extra points!

This mysterious image has been appearing in Kar Xin's mirror! She is using specially custom made make up from a leading designer. Please see Kar Xin for more details.

Batman RIP #680 (The Thin White Duke Of Death)

Any bats here into Batman (general) ?
me got started reading up on bat comics. love every piece of drawings that was drawn in the comic book.

SC logo

Something that i did from scratch..well, nothing much though is just simple and not bad.I make this design not for me but for all of us my good friends. I did not use any high class software(photoshop or any shop shop)..XD
All i use is Microsoft paint..nothing else.


So like I was gonna log in to my blog and then realised I was on the class blog instead. HOORAY FOR BEING TOO FAT AND LAZY TO CLICK ON THE SIGN OUT BUTTON! Ah well since I'm here I'm just gonna go all OH EM JEE I AM LIKE TOTALLY STRESSING ABOUT THE PRESENTATION! YOU GUYS.

*explosion graphic* SUDDEN CHANGE OF SUBJECT!

Kay in conjunction with the current Emo obsession of The People That Mr Charles Thinks The Class Will Never Be The Same Without (DD, Naim and myself) here's a really old Photoshopmajiggy I did. A LONG time ago. As you can see my hair was still short and by no means anywhere near as long as it is now. Which means it's really old.

I should really go back to my own blog now. Hee.

Annnnd yes I used to wear a swastika before I switched to OMG. Why? Because it was made of shiny emerald stone and not only did the Nazis actually steal it from the Hindus or Buddhists or whatever, it actually stands for love and peace. T3H IRONI3Z!!!
I Quite like this picture. Its spontaneous!