its just me.

Go and do your things 'cause you're unique. If it don't hurt nobody else, then don't be afraid to be yourself.


Nickname : Kaka

What the first thing come to your mind, everytime you hear my nickname Kaka?? Mostly people will remember a successful soccer player with the same nickname who became famous in AC Milan team before just now moved to Real Madrid. But, it is not me!!! I am a girl, not a boy..xD
Actually,it was not the real Font sizemeaning of my nickname,Kaka. I really curious to know the meaning of it and I found that the meaning of Kaka is a name for New Zealand parrot!!
So,,,now all of you know why I choose parrot as my nickname's logo... Ok! I think that's all my explanation about why I choose that Parrot above.. ^^v

Sok Pen

We just finish our creative thinking class! It was very funny and crazy! Every group came up with various ideas on how to help Red Cross to promote their awareness on something. There were cupcakes with cross, bikinis with cross on, a red cross sunglasses, sweatshirt and so on.
OK, back to me. This is SOK Pen NOT soft pen!! A lot of them heard my name wrongly when i told them I am SOK PEN. They hear it as "soft pen", so I decided to make a flexible pen to represent myself. :P
This is a TOTALLY NEW nickname... hahaha... I have had a lot last time (not going to mention). Even so, they are all related to PEN. :) Because some people like to call me Penny, some like called me Pen.
I very happy to get to know all of you!! New life in KL with new friends!! :D

Teng~ 'Chucky'

Hi! Wen Teng is here ... I take a colourful feather as my logo it doesn't mean I've been so feather-bedded in past or feather-brained. It's because I want to be a feather in cap, I want to success in the future... So don't say I'm a futureless person anymore haha...

Let introduce myself to all of you... I'm a girl who always with a relieved, amused and cheerful smile on the face (Haha must be many people saying me thick face right?!) But when I learn or do my revision I'll take it seriously because i scare to fail my exam @.@

My nickname?!?!?! I was nicknamed as 'Chucky' because of my surname is Chuck.... Hei! I don't know why they nicknamed me as Chucky since I always shows kindness to everyone HAHAHA!~~~Chucky is a bad doll, it's guilty of many infamies. Ywwww.... ('Chucky, now your going to pay'). For people who don't know who the Chucky you can google and find it out...
If people ask me 'Are you pleased with the new classmates and lectures?' I'll definitely answer 'YES!' Get to know you all is a pleasurable sensation. It's been happy to meeting you all. Our main aim is we can improving day by day, little by little and bit by bit. YEAH~! Also, hope our art work will pleasure to millions of people just like Picasso. Bye~



Name: Calvin
Nickname: Cal

Good evening ladies and gentleman! Now, where do I begin? Right, the name is Calvin and nickname is Cal. Notice the image or picture above? Want to take a guess of what the character name is? Hobbes? Are you sure? No, his name is Calvin! It’s from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip by Bill Watterson. Well, Calvin looks lonely in that picture without his best friend, Hobbes. You won’t know how close the both of them are as friends or more like brothers to me until you’ve read all Calvin and Hobbes comic. Anyway, why the nickname Cal? Isn’t it pretty obvious? It’s taken from the three starting letter or alphabet from my name. Does the name Calvin mean anything to me? No though. It’s just a name given to me by my parents and nothing else I see is special about the name. What about the nickname Cal? It’s just a nickname, why so serious?

About the picture, I drew it and managed to make it look close like Calvin from the comic. It reminds me when I was a kid looking exactly like Calvin. I use to read the comics before going to bed from standard 4 -6 (age 10 - 12) .8 years has passed now since I last read the comic because I decided to move on towards something else. But, there are questions that I ask myself for example; it’s Calvin all grown up like me now? My answer should be a yes. Why so? Because, it makes me feel like the character from the comic is me. Looking at things now, I can say that there have been many changes to my life since the day started reading the comics till the last day i stopped reading it. It’s like Calvin came out from the comic since I last stopped reading it to live life in reality and experience what are the differences being a character from a comic book and living the life in reality. Some might not understand what my last sentence meant but take it as to “changes”. I would not like to continue typing more words for this long story book of mine so it’s time to put a full stop. Thank you for reading!

*Please feel free flooding the comments below! :)


Hello everybody! Looks like a few of us had already confidently put up the call sign! Haha, and it is getting more interesting! My call sign? I have something on my mind, something i remembered yesterday... Just trying to manipulate and convert it to easy-remember-visual for everyone.
Anyway, i have been tempted to write something about what we have learnt the other day. The word 'dominance' interest me a lot. I was trying to figure out why this particular design principle emphasizes on the bigger circle on the poster rather than the smaller ones. If i were to see the poster as a whole, the smaller ones could be dominating in its own way, could be in quantity wise, but as i went through it, i came to conclude that the bigger the area, the easier the eye focus, the more it dominates! It actually relates to the word itself! Make sense ya? Politic wise- Lagi banyak kawasan you menang, lagi manyak power la.. Hihi!

Oooh, and the tiring part on Wednesday, I went to Pahang just right after Charles's class to visit my friend's cow and gaur ponds....greens....hmm...wonderful! Absolutely valuable trip! He's a crazy scientist that works with animal semen! Nguahaha! Amazing! Well, our journey brought us to 4 stops. The last stop was at Institut Bioteknologi Haiwan Kebangsaan in Temerloh where i managed to visual out some ideas from me brain. You can see it right above! Not much but a little something to share.... ;)

This is Keith! I do not have any nick name at the moment~~~
ur guys might can get 1 for me!!!
Keith is actually from my given name-Chongket!
so far~~I'm quiet enjoy the atmosphere of our class
...friendly,funny and so on!
This picture is my symbol! i called it-BLUE PLANET!
I love 2 get 2gether with the natural!
so...protecting our planet is important 4 me!
i know it's weird 2 our age 2 talk abt this, but this is what i love to!
look at it! it's so amazing! it's awesome! it's beautiful...
well~~~once again,nice 2 c u all here...^^

Yin Sze / Lindsay.

Pic courtesy of Deviant Art.

Are you creeped out by the picture above? haha.

My nickname is and has always been Yinx because when I was small I've always liked the letter " x ". And because my name doesn't have that letter in it, I decided to self create one of my own. Since then, I've been using this nickname and my friends has gotten used to the idea of calling me Yinx . If you ask me why I used that creepy picture of an eye, its because I've always been fascinated by different kinds of photoshopped eyes. You can basically find most of them from Deviant Art.

I also go by another nickname which my ex-classmates used to call me and make jokes out of it. Its because when I first pronounce my name to them, they tend to mis heard my name as " Lindsay " instead of " Yin Sze " . The spelling might look completely different but somehow it sounds alike. So, If I were to make a call sign out of it, this is how it would look like.



hey guys!, and hai MR.charles, so my nickname is DD, the reason i choose DD is becouse my name is faidi and i take last word, its D. eventhough i just started the class, i like the way MR.charles teaching, his cool or in the proper words 'SEMPOI', he also a funny guy, he'll keep doing jokes.i also love new friends,talking,chatting and of course drawing. well guys thats all i think so BYE!!!!!!!....

Sam/Sammie/Samantha :)

You must be wondering why on earth did I even choose a balloon?! Well, it’s not that I love balloons or anything, but you'll know why after reading my post. :)

Red, is because I have rose-y cheeks inherited from my grandmother. :) And when I was a baby, I was chubby like a balloon, like seriously! I was the biggest baby among my siblings. :P But look at me now, I’m the smallest and not to mention the shortest. Hmmm. Anywayyy, its logical right that when balloons can’t take in anymore air, it’ll pop? It’s the same like I am, I don’t really get angry or mad easily but if it’s too much that I can’t take it anymore, I’ll burst into an enormous beast or maybe so incredible hulk. :P So yup, that’s about it and oh, my name at the bottom, it’s because I’m Samantha and I’m used to people calling me Samantha with a wide smile on their faces. :)

Kelly & Jelly

In this picture you'll see an image of a "Jelly".This is because It's My nickname =D

The reason that people call me Jelly is because usually people type my name in MSN or Facebook or Gaming zone people normally type my name Jelly not Kelly.This is because the "J" key is just next to the "K" key. People accidentally press the "J" key when typing my name. So now in real life people do starting to call me Jelly as a nickname. =)

Kelly :D


Yeah, its my nick name. [Rooney] I think that you guys know who is Wayne Rooney , right?
If you have no idea, dont worry . Wayne Rooney is a football player in a hurry and he is from England. Again, Rooney is my nick name. Just Rooney, not Wayne Rooney. Let me think.... When i was form 3, i am hooked on soccer. Football is like drugs, really, I cant stop it untill now or may be forever. So i love to watch football match. Hang on, lets tell you a short story>>> When i started to know watch football match, i watch everyday even forgot my homework and dinner. So, my mom thought that i was gambling. I tried to explain hard and she haven't accept it now. Come on mom! Continue >> Rooney was my first football star that i worship. I keep following his action and try to be like him. So all of my friends knew that i admire Wayne Rooney and they started to call me Rooney. I love it and I hope you guys can call me Rooney. Lol. Thats how my nick name came from. Rooney Rooney Rooney...Its cool ..
If there is anything wrong, please forgive. My English is bad.

The GrayFox


In gaming society, its common for us to use nicknames instead of real names. I used a lot of nickname before and its when i came to this, people start to recognize me & call by this name. Of course, only friends from gaming society i'm in call me by this nickname. Its been 9 years since the first day i use this name. The very first person ever call me by that name was my secondary school form 5 senior. Originally, it was a character's name in a very popular console game called 'Metal Gear Solid'. Because of the characters personality, i decided to use it on my own for gaming purpose somewhere in the middle of the year 2000 ( i'm definitely sure its before my PMR trial though! ). I'm still using it until now & people still recognize, not to mention call me by this name everytime we meet up in game or even when we hangout during outdoor gatherings.

- zaidi -

Hugs & Kisses

Welcome to the July intake school of design blog, the place where we going to stuck with until convocation day do us apart ( or perhaps till Charles break us to pieces! ). Credits to Samantha for this blog. Thank you! Hugs & kisses! ( don't get the wrong idea ok! ). Maybe we can decorate more later on to make it more lively.

As Charles mentioned earlier during the class, this will be the place to fill up with our design as an e-sketchbook. So feel free to spill out new ideas & throw all your images here as bad as you wanted to throw it to Charles face ( no offense sir, just trying to make it sound cool >.< ). Do link up this blog with other cool sites which you think will give us fresh ideas for our design in future. Lets make it more than a mere assignment page into our own graphic & design hub. Think creative, enjoy life, and meet deadline before Charles hunts our heads down. Ho ho ...

- zaidi -