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Naim's logo compilation

heyy..guys this is my name logo compilation..hehe well actually theres alot more..ive been doing this since last year..and all i use is microsoft pain and draw in the sketchbook..thts all..hehe

Google Me.

Credits to my friend's friend. Jakey.
In case they hunt me down for stealing their picca.
Sharing is Caring? (:

-Yin Sze.

Random Piccas.

Stolen from a friend's blog (:

What I do? With IKEA

I think most of us likes going to Ikea and buy stuffs. The price range are reasonable, their things are multi-purpose, which I think is the best part of Ikea, and its colorfulllll.....!!!

Even 70% of my household items are Ikea's..... The fact that Ikea is dominating the household world can't be denied. Having said this, in my opinion..there are goods and bads of Ikea.. For instant, i bought this bookcase from Ikea, and it turn out to be that it can't be move too much because its not so solid. (They use MDF Board which I think is not so compressed compared to our local MDF) So, it has limited movement. But the good part is, I can change the levels of the board according to my desire..

Some Ikea's glass's items sometimes freaks me out. When i knock on them, it seem like its so hollow it can break anytime.. I am not so sure how they made it... but when i go to other places, i see better glass quality. I feel better..... Hehe... don't get me wrong here ya... I use Ikea's glass's items too... but i picked the ones that i see has the best quality and offers good price.

The most likable Ikea's item at my place is the day-bed i use as sofa at the living room. It was suppose to be my bed but since my mum sent my brother's queen bed to me, I had to transfer it to the living room. At first, I was a little bit upset, cos I love the space I have in my room... but looking at the bright side, my living room feels so different... the home sweet home feeling rise even more..... Hahaha... its so inviting....

There's a lot more to share.... My home decoration.... the items, i bought them at Ikea's christmas sale.. Not christmas tree okay... I bought the colorful glass balls... Lots of them... And I put them on top of a small wine glass i filled with coffee beans... put them on top of the tv cabinet... also i put them on the candle's holder... so it looks like colorful lights instead of just glass ball decoration. And the other thing I did was, I bought this translucent purple cloth, i wired the glass balls (purple and green) to each others and wrapped them in that purple cloth and tied it to the Ikea's standing light in my room. So, at night, when I switch it on, I have nice purple and green lights on my walls... Hehe...

Want to know more? Come and give me a visit...... hihihi..

my Car's tht i design

Okayyyy..this is my car design, well actually theres alot more.. but i took the one that i draw with maker. i start to draw since i was small..and i love cars so much. european cars especially. Draw from the square look kind a car to a perfect aerodynamic.

The Starhill.

Hey guyss..well this my another picture..all of them i took at Starhill. actually theres alot more..hehe..

1. from the left what im trying to show is that, the background light is very bright so once i took a picture, it became a shilehoutte..hehe

2. While i was walking, i took some of the random picture..soo i saw this..this light was in order. as we can see the light is all the same and as what we call reapetition and also sence of movement, even the rocks on the left hand site.

3. this another picture that show reapetition and contrast also.

4. From Marriot on the way to Starhill which is after tht room is Starhill, on the left hand site. Try to look at the very unique and full of lights around it..up and down..every second it change colour.

Panorama Anyone Going?

Panorama: The very first Asia Pacific Animation Challenge for students is now calling for entries!!!

You can win fabulous prizes including a trip to Hong Kong for a once in the lifetime mentorship by 4 international industry experts from award winning animation, designs and visual effects creation companies:

i. Lucasfilm Projects claimed to fame Starwars series, Back to the Future series
ii. Animal Logic Projects claimed to fame Happy feet, Australia, 300
iii. Rhythm and Hues Project claimed to fame Incredible Hulk, Land of the Lost, Night at the Museum
iv. Imagi Project claimed to fame Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Astro Boy

Get started today by downloading free* Autodesk software on the Autodesk Education Community.

To learn more, please visit or

I have a big interest in this but i need some help. Any1 willing to help me?

Ms chee's Game Board.

Well One of the biggest projects I must say.. But my group IS Making progress ya'll! So therefore I'd wanna show off (haha) some parts of the project that I really feel proud of. Enjoy!

Front of our CHANCE card

Front of Our BONUS Card!


Man Utd!

Im a hardcore man utd fan And Im sure quite a few of you are.

THEREFORE! I present to you : The MAN UTD FAN Signature Tag. You can use this in forums, or even as a digital "Signature" in ur posts. Ahemm : Man utd fans only!

My Malaysian Posters

I have done a set of 4 Posters for the 1 Malaysia project Mr Charles had ask us to do recently. I designed them in photoshop with the difference concept. I find it pretty cool (: What do you guys think.





Whaddaya Fink?

Keep it up!

Time flies when we're having fun. Yes?
hahah. Although we're sort of "forced" to post up more posts to gain more marks, but I'm glad the blog's alive again. We get to share interesting pictures with everyone else.

I hope we keep it up!! (: Same goes for me. hahah
So I'll try to look up more interesting pictures and post it up! Just wait for it :D
( and also to get more marks la, yes i admit ;) )

Mr. Charles, aren't you proud of us? xD



I just read what Samantha wrote, I agree with you!!! Everything just past by so quickly! Sem1 is finishing >.<

Anyways, I have been doing my animation and you know what i hate about it??
Ok, yesterday I was half way processing my work. Then, all of sudden, my laptop decided to freezes everything and the coolest part is....."you need to close all your windows" OH-MY-GOSH!!
I got so mad... and so frustrated!! Because.....I forgot to save it while editing it.

Computer just won't say "sorry, I lost your data". NO. Never. grrrr.... I felt like throwing the laptop on the floor, but at the end, I am the one who will be rugi. So, no. I didn't do that.


Word Pooping

After much 'semangat-ed' words from MR Charles, classmates have been constantly uploading stuff to resurrect our dead blog. I think if Mr Charles wouldn't have given us some 'semangat-ed' words, this blog will never resurrect. Anywayyy, excuse me for talking crap. I'm just letting out everything what's in my mind/thoughts. :)
(That's why I titled my post "Word Pooping".)

Anywhooo, since this is a blog/journal, I shall just type as my fingers and mind leads me to.

Do you know how fast three quarters of the semester has gone?! My gosh! I could still re-call those-first-moments of when class first started for us. How quiet we were during the very first class, which was Mr Ernesto's class. How we picked Zaidi to be our Class Representative and how we didn't know how old he was. *Giggles. And not to mention how shy we all were when introducing ourselves to the class. But look at us now, ONE BIG FAMILY! :)) Oh and not to forget, the dread we all carry when it comes to FOUR HOURS of drawing class with Mr. Ernesto and now, it's over in just a blink of an eye. Time flies.. Before you know it, we would all be graduating.

I would say it's been one heck of a Semester with you guys! I enjoyed every moment in class and there's more to comeee! Anyway, I should go now and continue my assignments before I procrastinate more.

All the best for Mr Ernesto's subject! Let's hope we all pass and get to Semester Two together.

**Big Bear Group Hug.

Just a laugh.. :)

What I like about this is, he looks like he is sitting on the toilet bowl!!
Good idea! I am going to do that when I don't like my neighbour!!

Global warming!!! weee... the weather is getting hotter and hotter... so thats why... it is getting smaller and smaller. LOL.
New style of BBQ-ing!!Very creative oh...

Art trip

Art Museum Trip
The first artist I noticed in the museum was an artist named Zhang Zhou. I thought that the painting “Majestic Bridge really caught my attention. This painting is oil on canvas and I noticed that there is contrast, balance and proximity in this image. The yellow lights in this image really contrast well with the dark background. Zhang Zhou also balanced this picture very well as the towers on each side and cars balance together thus creating a sense of unity and a busy-calm.
I admired another of Zhang Zhou’s paintings. This one is named “Golden Peaks, KL”. This too was oil on canvas. In this painting I became aware of balance between the twin towers and the red moon. The buildings create an illuminating effect on the image emphasising the bustling life in the city. There is also contrast between the red sky ad the dark land creating a feeling of harmony and urban peace.

Another artist that caught my attention was an artist named Mahadi B. Ayob. His painting was called “Tamak Haloba” which means real greed. The reason this painting was titled greed was because it resembles the man’s greed to get what he wants (shown on his hand), and what it costs to get it (water and pots breaking). This painting has an hierarchy and repetition effect (pots leading up into the horizon).

My monogram

I know this is really late too but yeah... here it is...

The cut and paste shapes thing

I know its really really late, but its better than nothing right?

19/10/2009 IKEA Exhibition

Last two days, it was a Ikea Exhibition at our college's gallery... I found one of my favourite product 'IKEA PS ELLAN Chair'.
The designer lost his screws when he made this chair... Besides that, he found a way to make this flatpack puzzle chair without any tools.

Also i got to know IKEA was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad in Sweden (not switzerland). IKEA named by the initials of the founder's name (Ingvar Kamprad), the farm where he grew up (Elmtaryd), and his home parish (Agunnaryd, in Småland, South Sweden). Democratic design is the design philosophy at IKEA. Mean having a limited budget shouldn't prevent people from creating a beautiful home, with practical and sensible furniture. Therefore, IKEA offers good-quality design that the many people can afford.

new and improved symbol

Marilyn Monroe

bob marley portrait attempt

COol signs!!!

Oh... international signs....
TOILET signs :)
haha.. very interesting and funny!

this is........ (LOL!)

They call him..

..the Invincible Man.
It ain't no photography trick.
He just paints himself up and blends into the background.

The artist's name is Liu Bolin. Born in Shandong, China. He manages to camouflage himself in any surroundings, no matter how difficult they might be.

Liu works on a single photo for up to 10 hours at a time, to make sure he gets it just right, but he achieves the right effect: sometimes passers-by don’t even realize he is there until he moves.

The talented Liu Bolin says his art is a protest against the actions of the Government, who shut down his art studio in 2005 and persecutes artists. It’s about not fitting into modern society. Despite problems with Chinese authorities, Liu’s works are appreciated at an international level.

the last one is pretty hard to spot.

You'll just have to look a lil more closely (:

Pretty amazing, No?

Loo Yin Sze