What I do? With IKEA

I think most of us likes going to Ikea and buy stuffs. The price range are reasonable, their things are multi-purpose, which I think is the best part of Ikea, and its colorfulllll.....!!!

Even 70% of my household items are Ikea's..... The fact that Ikea is dominating the household world can't be denied. Having said this, in my opinion..there are goods and bads of Ikea.. For instant, i bought this bookcase from Ikea, and it turn out to be that it can't be move too much because its not so solid. (They use MDF Board which I think is not so compressed compared to our local MDF) So, it has limited movement. But the good part is, I can change the levels of the board according to my desire..

Some Ikea's glass's items sometimes freaks me out. When i knock on them, it seem like its so hollow it can break anytime.. I am not so sure how they made it... but when i go to other places, i see better glass quality. I feel better..... Hehe... don't get me wrong here ya... I use Ikea's glass's items too... but i picked the ones that i see has the best quality and offers good price.

The most likable Ikea's item at my place is the day-bed i use as sofa at the living room. It was suppose to be my bed but since my mum sent my brother's queen bed to me, I had to transfer it to the living room. At first, I was a little bit upset, cos I love the space I have in my room... but looking at the bright side, my living room feels so different... the home sweet home feeling rise even more..... Hahaha... its so inviting....

There's a lot more to share.... My home decoration.... the items, i bought them at Ikea's christmas sale.. Not christmas tree okay... I bought the colorful glass balls... Lots of them... And I put them on top of a small wine glass i filled with coffee beans... put them on top of the tv cabinet... also i put them on the candle's holder... so it looks like colorful lights instead of just glass ball decoration. And the other thing I did was, I bought this translucent purple cloth, i wired the glass balls (purple and green) to each others and wrapped them in that purple cloth and tied it to the Ikea's standing light in my room. So, at night, when I switch it on, I have nice purple and green lights on my walls... Hehe...

Want to know more? Come and give me a visit...... hihihi..