The Starhill.

Hey guyss..well this my another picture..all of them i took at Starhill. actually theres alot more..hehe..

1. from the left what im trying to show is that, the background light is very bright so once i took a picture, it became a shilehoutte..hehe

2. While i was walking, i took some of the random picture..soo i saw this..this light was in order. as we can see the light is all the same and as what we call reapetition and also sence of movement, even the rocks on the left hand site.

3. this another picture that show reapetition and contrast also.

4. From Marriot on the way to Starhill which is after tht room is Starhill, on the left hand site. Try to look at the very unique and full of lights around it..up and down..every second it change colour.