Word Pooping

After much 'semangat-ed' words from MR Charles, classmates have been constantly uploading stuff to resurrect our dead blog. I think if Mr Charles wouldn't have given us some 'semangat-ed' words, this blog will never resurrect. Anywayyy, excuse me for talking crap. I'm just letting out everything what's in my mind/thoughts. :)
(That's why I titled my post "Word Pooping".)

Anywhooo, since this is a blog/journal, I shall just type as my fingers and mind leads me to.

Do you know how fast three quarters of the semester has gone?! My gosh! I could still re-call those-first-moments of when class first started for us. How quiet we were during the very first class, which was Mr Ernesto's class. How we picked Zaidi to be our Class Representative and how we didn't know how old he was. *Giggles. And not to mention how shy we all were when introducing ourselves to the class. But look at us now, ONE BIG FAMILY! :)) Oh and not to forget, the dread we all carry when it comes to FOUR HOURS of drawing class with Mr. Ernesto and now, it's over in just a blink of an eye. Time flies.. Before you know it, we would all be graduating.

I would say it's been one heck of a Semester with you guys! I enjoyed every moment in class and there's more to comeee! Anyway, I should go now and continue my assignments before I procrastinate more.

All the best for Mr Ernesto's subject! Let's hope we all pass and get to Semester Two together.

**Big Bear Group Hug.