Some sketches ive done since arriving in malaysia!

i know its a mess.. but that was just for now..ill upload more later on

A personality trait i pride myself with :P

one of my favourite to look at.. A representation of the feeling of "heartbroken" through my eyes!

Sand Art

A friend of mine sent this to me through e-mail.
It's so amazing.
Had to share it with you guys :D

Take a look !!

What she depicts is love and war, set amidst the turmoil of The Great
Patriotic War, or as we call it in America, WWII. Ukraine was probably
the area most devastated in the war, even more than Germany. It was a
conflict that saw nearly one in four Ukrainians killed. A population
of almost 42 million lost between 8 and 11 million people, depending
on which estimate one references. Ukraine represented almost 20
percent of all the causalities suffered during WWII. And that was
after Stalin had killed millions during the manufactured famines
before the war. It to this day touches every Ukrainian. That's the
context of war memory that Kseniya reaches out to.

The sand art of Kseniya is set to music that reflects the tone of what
she is trying to project, and the combined effect works very well.
Sand animators use simple grains of sand to tell a story, in a way many
people haven't seen before. What Kseniya Seminova does in a few short minutes
is all the more memorable because it is so fleeting. Once she is finished,
the grains of sand go back into containers and the art is swept away.

Click in to check out more of her art works at Youtube.
Don't you think she's got good looks as well? :O
Beauty and talent combine.

Yin Sze

Art Gallery- YinSze.

Are we suppose to write about the paintings only?
How about the sculptures?

Personally, I like this piece by Chan Teck Heng. Titled, " Akhirnya-The last ".

A simple sculpture could portray many meanings. Normally, when a person wants to achieve something, he or she would aim high. And climb to the top. However, this sculpture shows that the human being is bending down low and reaching for something which doesn't seem to be obvious. It could be his dreams or a loved one that he or she wants to protect. It shows how life is tough for us that sometimes we have to bend down to achieve something that is important to us. Sometimes we have to push our egos aside and be patient when we're dealing with certain situations that makes us feel uncomfortable. The outcome of the humiliation might worth more than the ego that had held us back. As long as we do it for the right reasons.

The next painting I would like to talk about is this particular piece.

When I stumbled upon it, I stared at it for quite some time cause' I notice something different about it. I'm not sure if a lot of you notice but if you look at the background from far, you could actually see a human figure with lots of hands.. and another human figure cuddling it from the front. Took me some time to figure out the drawing.
When I first saw it, my eyes were directed straight to the obvious human figure at the bottom left corner. I knew the background was blue but I had no idea that there was actually a figure at the back. I forgot the name of this piece but as you guys could probably already guessed it, its painted by Zhang Zhou. I like the way he blended the background and sort of made it into an optical illusion piece where you could only see from afar.

So next time you look at a painting, take a step back and look at it again.
You might find something different about it (:

This painting facinates me. The use of colour and the realism factor seems so well done that it actually looks like a photographed picture instead of a painted one.

I like the differrent layers of colour at the rock and the shadows just makes it more real. It has proximity principle in here whereby the rocks are overlapping or combining into each other. The colours and shadow tells them apart. There is also direction cause our eyes move from the huge rock to the travellers and the path that they are heading to, which is the bottom left corner. Even the way the rocks are shaped shows that they're moving towards the left .

The title of this painting is " Set Off ".
Those travellers are probably heading towards a whole new adventure or back home to their loved ones. It shows no matter the hot weather, or travelling inconvenience, they are determined to move forward to their destination. Can you imagine living in the ancient century, at the dessert with no cars , air cons, or even a cellphone? Would you walk out of your house to travel far? You probably wouldn't even own a home.
We should be grateful we're living in this era!

The painter :

Does he seem familiar to you?
I think he's pretty famous now among our class since the art gallery is fillled with most of his artworks. So I guess I need not mention his name (:

He is from China and was born in the year, 1956.
Which makes him 53 years old by now! 53 years of age and has already made it this far.
Friends, we have 30 more years to go! (:
He studied and taught art at the Liaoning Teachers Education Art Department.
Anybody interested in becoming an artist? Study there!

He likes using Western Oil Paintings instead of brush and ink paintings traditions. He's also greatly inspired by the French masters Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin and Gustave Klimt.

For my last piece, I'd like to talk about this one!
That's Kar Xin in the picture.
It's huge. it looks like a T-shirt, and it is made out of....

.......the toilet scrubber thinggie. I have no idea what is it called.

Alright, Selamat Hari Raya kawans!
Don't forget to invite me for Open Houses and green packets! (:
Not forgetting the fooooodd !! Mmms.

( :
See you guys in a week !

Loo Yin Sze

Page twoooo!!!


Fabio. I forgot to add my coloured hair. Oh well. IT'S NOT AS IF YOU DON'T KNOW I HAVE KALER IN MY RAMBOT!


HAAAAAIII! I haven't done my Art Gallery report yet, sigh, already in the festive mood. Tomorrow I have to wake up early (around 2.30pm, OMG) to go all the way to KL to buy my brother some baju raya cos apparently he spent all his baju raya allowance on "other things", sigh again, what is family for huh?

Anyway, here's what I've been occupying myself with all night since most of my friends have already balik kampung! That's Page 1, there's a Page 2 that I haven't coloured yet.

Oh yeah I saw DD at Parade. I walked out of the pharmacy and heard some guy screaming MAMI! MAMI! and I was like WTF and there was DD. Haha.

Ps: Crap. I actually thought I did a whole drawing without any swearwords in it but I just realised that... I WAS DEEPLY MISTAKEN! Oh well. We're all artists here and we all swear. ...Fabio it.

Interesting advert

HI EVERYONE!!! I bet everyone is doing their Colour Idiom now..... Well.. I am looking at magazine.. yes, LOOK not read. I was flipping through this magazine, and I find these two advertisement very interesting and funny. Seems like that battery is REALLY powerful!! See the little fella ^ (there)??

The mini tractor in the middle....

Cool Eh?

Thriller Dance! We got to Go Watch or Be Part of This!

Title : Thrill The World Shah Alam
Venue : Dataran Shah Alam
Persiaran Perbandaran
Shah Alam,Selangor

Opening Hours :
Mon-Fri: 8.30am-4pm; Sat: 8.30am-1pm

Date & Time : 25th October 2009 at 8.30am.
Tickets : Free. Open to public.
Ticket Contact : Rezza
Synopsis :

A tribute to Michael Jackson. Largest simultaneous Thriller dance for charity and world records!

Dataran Shah Alam, Malaysia on 25th October 2009 at 8.30a.m.

This event is open to the public, yes everyone is welcome! We will learn to dance to Thriller, and when the BIG day (Oct 25) has arrived, all of the thrillers will simultaneously dance to break world records.

Open workshops will be held weekly a month before event. For those interested to participate in the event, please sign up at to get updates!

Ma favourite art.... yoohoooo...~~~

~@ pr3ci0us tr1p~
Background on Zhang Zhou

Ø Nationality
Chinese (China)
Ø Born:
1956, He Bei (According to most of the Chinese websites, I have checked, they all say he was born in HeBei however the Art Gallery put he was born in Beijing!!)

The society/ association that he joined:
Ø Member of China Artist Association
Ø Member of China Oil Painting Society
Ø Community member of Liaoning Oil Painting Society
Ø Member of Liaoning Graphic Novel Association

He used the western way of drawing techniques (oil painting) and painted paintings that are based on East artistry. His artwork is very inspiring, in the sense that the texture, colour, position and lines on the work that he drew. I realise one thing as I look through his artwork, he likes to draw an object, a person a something in the middle. For example, Jumbo Elephant, Moon on plateau, and the one that I like, which is called Steps. He likes to place the thing that he wants to emphasis or like, in the middle, I guess that is just his way of drawing. I am really fascinated with his artwork because THEY ALL LOOK SO REAL AND SO GIGANTIC!!


In this painting Steps, Zhang Zhou used a lot of similarity. It is shown throughout the whole artwork – the shapes of the stones on the walls. The wall around the woman and children has stones that are different in size, big and small. Even so, but they still look as a unit, a connected walls and stairs together.
Zhang Zhou uses the same colour but different tone for the stones and stairs, while the woman and children that are going up stairs are coloured. This is also put emphasize on the existence of the women and children. Although the colour of their clothing are different from their background, but it still creates unity and harmony. This is due to:
- Components (walls, stones, and stairs) in the artwork look similar and there are people using the stair, thus creating a sense of harmony and unity.
- The use of oil painting, with the rough texture of the surface of the artwork, makes the painting looks much more alive than a photograph.

This artwork is by Osman Limat, it is called Hantaran.
I like artwork because it looks messy at the same time it is not. Hantaran, just gives me a crazy and nice feeling. I love the way the line is placed, it is like Jackson Pollock’s artwork. Where he just splash the paint on the canvas, which was a big mess. Whereas for Osman Limat, he is kind of playing a “safe game” here, you know what I mean. [If you don’t know about Jackson Pollock’s artwork, go check it up, its cool! But I don’t think most of the people will like it].
Back to Hantaran by Osman Limat, everything is like growing up and overlapping each other on this canvas. They look similar, in the sense that they are all curved up; they are trees (or branches). The colour that the artist chose is also very united, they all mix very well together. Probably that’s why it is called Hantaran, because it is like a gift from God. Hence, we have to take good care of the forest, otherwise our future generation will not get to see this beautiful landscape anymore. *sob sob*

National Art Gallery (Sept 13)

The first picture is a painting by Zhang Zhou named " Go-to Island ". I like this painting because when i first saw it there is a wide sea/ocean, an island and few boats make me feel relaxed and chilling. In this painting you can see emphasis, Edge alignment/close edge, example, beside the island left & right side there was a boat around it and the island is Center alignment.

The second picture is "Gunung Kinabalu"/Mountain Kinabalu, Sabah. Usually when I am in KK i saw Mt.Kinabalu it's very peaceful, beautiful, covered with mist and very mysterious. Of course this painting is beautiful, but i feel like it's burning yet peaceful, can see it very clearly. (O_O) You can see contrast in this painting, BURNING Mt.Kinabalu!! There is proximity (touch) between the mountain, cloud & grasses.

This last picture is " Onion Flowers ". The flowers are just like bubbles floating in the air.Each of the bubbles represents many different feelings, some may be emotions. There is similarity - value/colour, shape and size, example shape & size of the flowers are similar

All the paintings above are from Mr. Zhang Zhou, all his artworks are really amazing and inspiring to many of us. Lastly, thanks Mr.Charles for giving us a chance to visit National Art Gallery. :D

Favorite Artwork From National Art Gallery

From the first moment i saw this painting, i fell in love with it. This painting was titled as 'Sarang tebuan jangan dijolok' and the artist of this painting is Zulkifli Yusof.

This painting was divided into 3 section with 2 different colors. The painting suits the title well as the artist emphasize a big bee in the middle with white background creating contrast, and a repetition of a bee around it in shape of movement on the left & right side in red background color. On the top part ( left & right ) of the painting, the bee still has its shape but as it goes lower, it only has a buzzing black lines but still have some shape of a bee, to show a sense of movement. You can feel like the bee is moving around the whole frame.

Here some info about the artist,

Zulkifli Yusof

- born in kedah
- 1985 ~ 1989 : studied at MARA Institute of Technology ( I.T.M ) School of Art and Design, Malaysia
- 1989 ~ 1991 : studied at Manchester Polytecnic Faculty of Art and Design, U.K.

His public collection was located in
1 - Bank Negara Malaysia
2 - School of Art and Design I.T.M Malaysia.
3 - Singapore Muzeum and Gallery.
4 - Kedah State Gallery.
5 - Fukuoka Muzeum of Art Japan.
6 - Hiroshima Art Muzeum.

For more info about the artist background, log on to

For my second favorite artwork, its called "Mulakan dengan bismillah" from Suhaimi Fadzir ( sorry for the side view picture. was hiding from the security guard when the picture was taken =P ).

This artwork consist of multiple medium in it. The first time i saw the image, i thought of Palestin's war state & suffering of the civilians. The painter tried to show state of war in the name of god. It emphasis on Muslim's god name Allah, with a splash of colors from gray to black as its background to give contrast to the god's name. The splash background reflected as the blood spilled on the ground, while the brown circle on the left side act as a bullet hole. On the right side you can see a grass or rattan root shows as blood coming out from wounds. The 2 steel rod at the bottom with chain most probably the painter trying to say that both Palestin & Israel is tied to each other & the war will always go on. There is one more thing in the artwork which complete the whole painting but due to the poor image quality, you might not see it. Around the whole frame, there is a lot of short wood stick resembles bullet shells.

I could not find the artist biography but here some info i manage to find about him.

Suhaimi Fadzir

- Worked as an architect for 15 years before became full-time artist

- His residence-turned-art studio called Keli Sanctuary located at 23, Jalan Kelab Ukay 4, Taman Kelab Ukay, Bukit Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur.

- Also has a studio in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

- Called his artwork "archipainting" - a fusion of art and architecture.

Wished could snap a proper picture of these artworks. sigh....

Wonderful Artworks!!! See Fasterrrrr!!! LoL~

Hey all, have you went to art gallery before? And what do you think about that?
Boring? Useless? or exciting ?
Well, let me intro two examples of Mr. Zhang Zou's artworks.

taaa---daaaaaa~~ this is it...

This is the most favorite artwork that I ever saw.. This is Gunung Kinabalu, Sabah. In my opinion, Mr. Zhang Zou used gestalt principles to complete this artwork. For example: he used proximity between the cloud and the mountain whereby they are very close each others..(hmm.. is it correct?LoL). Well, in addition, I believe that in this adorable artwork there is a perfect combination between the mountain and the color. This is what I called as a dominant object.
Besides that, the color that he used is very warm and touchable for the audience. I believe that the artist wants to leave a message to the viewer on how beautiful is Gunung Kinabalu during sunset.

Now... Let's see the second artwork from Mr. Zhang Zou that I like.. tRinkkk~~

Pattern 1995

This is known as Pattern 1995. As you all can see, it looks simple, unique and has meaningful meaning, nahhh... that is why I like this artwork too. This artwork is using repetition concept whereby the lines and curves on the wall has been repeated. Besides that the shape of the stone have a similarity. In addition there is emphasis in this artwork which are the window and the flowers. I think Mr. Zhang Zou want to tell us about the simplicity life from his artwork.^^v

And now, before you all guessing how Mr. Zhang Zou looks like, I will give you the picture of Mr. Zhang Zou... Are you readyy???LoL~





This handsome guy name is Mr. Zhang Zou. The artist of the 2 artworks above. I think he is very adorable! The reason is because before I visited the art gallery, I used to have a perception that art gallery is a very boring place for boring people like me. But once I visited the art gallery which has a lot of Mr. Zhang Zou artworks it directly changed my point of view. I feel very excited and surprised when I was inside the art gallery. So, I must said thank you to Mr. Zhang Zao lar~ LoL..xD~


Hey guys i just got bored so i just put on some trance music and this is what i came up with...

Better Than Nothing

I know that i am soooooooooooo sooooooo behind everyone on this but it is better than nothing, (I couldnt agree more with myself, Wek!).. haha! My apology to Charles too (if in any way, i disappoint you)... Hihi, since i am really really RAJIN now.... I decided to just blog all i have now before i lose my mind. So, what i have here is my monogram and the cut and paste exercise we did in class.

For my monogram (letter Sri Atikah Shukry), I chose this font because i thought that it has the property of a modern look, elegant maybe, seriousness by the way it is arranged. I don't think it really suits me though... but i think it is fine as in i take it as a learning process to recognize my style. Yea.. so that's about it....

As for cut and paste, hmm... when i first look at it from far, i see earring! I flip it horizontally, i see a shooting cannon.. I was even imagining it in animation fantasy. Hee.. Then, the bombastic part came in... where everything just flow as they like. The second part of the cut and paste is really fun. What i had in my mind was a storyline. Starts with the title on top left which i call "THE CYCLE of INSECT" Haha.. then the egg is hatching...... Oh oHh Ohh.... It is coming out!! And the grass, leaves and flowers are calling.... the insect gets happier... they grow and get mature....and meet the SUN...... and CUT!

p/s: I have been keeping this story for a long time. Imagination is good!

Hehe, showing off something i did on my free time. This is batik canting. It is quite difficult to do shapes in detail because it is not the same way you hold a brush or pencil or pen. It is totally different and you have to get to know better, then it will be friendly to you. I am still learning, just started learning .. and will continue doing it... In case you want to know why are there names on it, well, they are the closest people to me. The second one is just me scrapping on it right after we have been given the poster assignment. Look at it closely, you will find words. That's all folks! Enjoy life, but with mission!

Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we
have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance,
chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into
a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today,
and creates a vision for tomorrow."

-- Melody Beattie

Sri Atikah Shukry-

How Love I To Painting

Hello Everybody!!!

Hurm, its been awhile since i write something on the blog. Hehe, i don't really get inspired lately. Quite stress out of some inappropriate scene everywhere. Not that i am perfecto but i love things to be done and seen as balanced as it could because it sort of calming and healing the uneasy feeling. Haha...!

Okay, talking about Zhang Zhou. It is fair to say i like his paintings. For me, understanding behind the meaning of every painting is crucial because when you understand, it sort of give you the satisfaction of having to look at it. It make sense why the paintings are like that instead of like this. As for Zhang Zhou, he is so great at putting details and differentiating tone to make particular subjects stands out. He also has this geometrical sense of style. The expressions of human figures in his drawings are so clear that you could understand the exact feeling. He is a detail maniac i can say. Hahaha. And it is sad to say, that is what i don't like! I don't hate it but i prefer not to.

Anyway, after i went through his paintings, the room with TIBET paintings attracts me to think. The details are super extraordinary but i just couldn't find a way to understand it. As I analyzed it, i am sure it is because i am not familiar with the feelings or situation that is visualized in the paintings but great thing, the details are superb.

As for me, i kind of like things to be put in blur or in abstract form. I just love abstract art. I love thinking. I love having to sit and look at it from time to time. It inspires me a lot! I browsed through RINA SHUKOR's work and i love it so much. She painted really soft, not much of a texture but plays a lot with color tone, which i love too. She put words and numbers... Oh yeah, and she has this weird visual translation of flora and fauna motifs. (FLORA AND FAUNA MOTIFS? Does this make sense to you?) I can see something like lady bird, butterfly... beautiful....

The first picture is a painting of NADIAH MOHAMAD. I was laughing in my heart when i saw this painting because it reminds me of my sister. She likes the pantun so much that every time she is full she will sing it, and it sounds like,

Gendang Gendut Tali Kecapi,
Kenyang Perut, Suka Hati...

This pantun sounds like it is for the overweight people... like me... Nguahahaha... I love food!

The second picture is adapted from MOHD BAKERI ABDUL RAHMAN's painting which is called SEMANGAT POHON 2. I love it because it has the connection with nature. It looks like spade. Oh and by the way, the peribahasa for this painting is, KIPAS ANGIN. Hurm, i dont really understand but what i'm guessing is maybe if you take for example, daun keladi has this kind of shape and if you are hot, you can cool up with that. Hihihi... I think i'm being ridiculous now...... Maybe i should analyze more.. Here, he overlapped the spade over and over to give the effect as if it is really moving. There you go, principle of movement and rhythm and say what you think!

The third is, this artist named MOHD IZWAN HILMI. I thought his work is clever. He used up lines and painted it in a circular/radial/curvy kind of style and he overlap it in different colors and textures, some stands out, some just lying at the back complimenting the whole picture, and it worked really well as you can see/imagine in the third picture above.. So the lines he create actually brought out the shape of flowers and leaves and it is in series too... i love it a lot. One more thing, I just love the fact that he dared to use rare color like fluorescent and playful color. Its refreshing and energizing me... Woohooo... !!! The most important part is, it made me smile that day........ :)

p/s: Mind the roughness of the picture. ( Click on it to see clear picture)

Sri Atikah Shukry-

Much swearingz!

Haha HI! I finally did something worthy of show on my tablet... And it's STILL UGLY! Not coloured yet. Hee. I'm posting it as a link instead of an image because SOME OF YOU DON'T LIKE SWEARING! XD

Mario Kart Makes Me Angry!

Seriously though. There are like 13 swear words in the whole thing. Cos it'd be fugly if I censored it!