Used camera gears, anyone interested?

Sorry la bout the chatbox, i'm not sure myself how to do it. Thats why we have our own webmaster, which is Andy, & Samantha to help him out ( the way it suppost to be ). Maybe i'll try look around on how to do it later.

Anyways, we already in new semester. Hooray!! Have everyone checked your results? Wish you guys all the best. Since this new semester is all about photography, having your own gear is quite essential. Well normally, photographers dont like to share their stuff with others. Also, when you have your own gear, you can easily adjust your settings without having trouble look around in the menu for the thing you wanted to change. Nobody wants to miss a shot during a football game right? As minimum as entry level body & kit lens will do wonders for you once you know how to tackle it. Yeap, things doesnt come cheap in photography field but doesnt mean you always have to buy new sets of equipments. A used ones in good condition is another option you can look for.

I'm sure everyone knows about e-bay & online site, where buying made easy through online deals. Plus, online deals normally, can say almost all the time, is cheaper than shops. There are a lot conman out there, and i'm aware of that. Thats why i prefer to use cash on delivery (COD) method for online purchase. Reason why? At least i get the chance to examine the stuff first before pay with my hard earn cash. It can be a new or used items. Those items warranty is based on original buyer's date of purchase. Just make sure they give their receipt together with you. If the items warranty period is over for the item you wanted to purchase, normally the seller will give certain amount of period as seller's personal warranty. If anything goes wrong, you can always return to seller & get your cash back. Just make sure the seller have a good rating before you purchase from them!

Here some links for you guys to check out the stuff you need,

- Lowyat
- Shutterasia
- Shashinki
- Yamiya

Happy shopping!