Everyone Connects ! !

Hoho.. New layout i see. Nice. But i couldnt find the chatbox anywhere. Did you deleted it by accident?

Back to title, i'm sure everyone knows about it right? Remember the advertisement where the paper guy try to cross to another building from window & stuck in the middle of the string between 2 building? And everyone use every method they could came out with to blow him to the other side of the building? Personally, i think the advertisement is very interesting & creative plus, their theme song is nice too. The big event was held on 21 November at Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL. Over 5,000 people gathered at the event, which also streamed live from their website and viewed by almost 780,000 web users across the nation!

Sadly, things didnt go out as planned for me. I intended to visit the exhibition at Jalan Duta, the one Sri mention in her post on 21st morning, then go to the everyone connects event after lunch time or maybe in the evening. And as usual, something came up & responsibility calls for duty. Oh well... maybe luck is just not on my side - for the time being.

Anyways, the link to the website,

Everyone Connects !!

Also to those who have not watch the ads, watch it. I'm sure you guys will learn something from it.


I know. Thx! xD


weedesigners said...

that guy is mr ernesto! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ernesto there?!! hehe
Smoking? lol


Anonymous said...

yup, its ernesto. =D

got this pic from our photography lecturer's facebook last nite.

- zaidi -

Anonymous said...

Was he smoking? lol..just want to about that..hehe said...

cheh i tod u toke di spic... hahaha!