Bamboo Fun

Hey guys,

I am truly excited......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

So guess what? My dad was in Bukit Bintang few days ago... and I called him to ask something.. then he was like, do you want anything from Low Yatt? I said, erm.... maybe not... then he was like, if you want anything I can go there and buy them for you... then you know when you started to get an idea of what you want... the TING sounds in your head, hahaha...

It was BAMBOO FUN that came out in my, i told him and he was like, what is that? He sounded quite frustrated I guess, or somehow burdened because he didnt know what is Bamboo Fun.. then I told him its a graphic tablets. Just ask them, they would know, and we hung up. But yeah, the other part of me, was like.. aahhh.. its okay.. maybe next time you can go with him, show him.. cos i don't want that old man to go there and having a hard time looking for it...

Then suddenly, he called and asked, does it have like a pen, and mouse and this thin sort of mouse pad, I dont know... Yeah!!! That's it! I said. He said okay and hung up. I was HUH??! Okay? Okay he's going to buy? or okay he finally know what it was?

I called him back, pretending to ask, is it white? He said, i dont know, i think so, its in the box.. then my heart pumped.... nguaahaaaa... he bought it! Thank you so much... I love you Dad... Hihihi.. So, you guys know what is Bamboo Fun? Check it out.... Its so much fun...!!! Have a look!

p/s: I think Anna has this kind of tablets too.. all the cartoon stuff? Yeah?

Mine is CTE-650 White

Tablet w/ Pen, Pen Stand and Mouse bundled software Corel Essentials 3, Adobe PhotoShop Element 5 (Win) & Element 4 (Mac)


Now there's a simple, easy, and fun way to harness your creativity. Bamboo Fun makes your computer your canvas, allowing you to freely express yourself by simply touching the pen tip to the tablet. Touch up digital photos, draw by hand, create artwork and paintings, and even write in your own handwriting.

Bamboo Fun includes full editions of valuable creative software to help get your creative juices flowing. Edit photos with Adobe?Photoshop?Elements, create artwork with Corel?Painter?Essentials, and apply photo effects with Nik?Color Efex?Pro. Bamboo Fun is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Bamboo Fun works with any software. In fact, many software applications have special features and tools that are designed to be used with a pen.

Technical Specs.
Tablet Size Small:
8.4" W x 7.3" D x 0.3" H

11.0" W x 9.3" D x 0.3" H
Active Area Small:
5.8" W x 3.7" D

8.5" W x 5.3" D
Pressure Sensitivity 512 Levels
Resolution 2,540 Lines Per Inch
ExpressKeys 4
Finger-Sensitive Input Touch Ring
Color Available in Black,
Warranty 1 Year