Buying a DSLR

I know i gave my suggestion which camera to buy but i never explain anything about the difference between each brand. Each brand has its pros & cons. As all of u may already know, Nikon & Canon is the leading brand for SLR's currently.

Nikon is well known for portrait as it gives natural skin tone. But Nikon's entry level camera body dont support all type of lens. Also, to reduce shake during photoshoot, Vibration Reduction function (VR) is used. To use the function, u have to buy the expensive VR lens.

Canon in the other hand, excel in sports, or in other words capturing moving objects. Another good thing about Canon is, all canon DSLR using CMOS sensor, producing nice photo image. The downside is on its shake reduction system. Same as Nikon, Canon's system of shake reduction is with its lens. The Image Stabiliser (IS) lens price range is just about the same as Nikon's VR lens.

Beside those 2, there are other brands which you can consider to buy. For example, Olympus is good in landscaping while Sony is more to portraiture as well. Both brand has camera body built in shake reduction, which will save you a lot from buying shake reduction lens. In other words, even the normal lens without shake reduction also can become shake reduction lens. The difference between these 2 brand is in its system. Olympus uses the four-third system while Sony use the same system as Nikon & Canon.

I've been using Sony DSLR for almost 2 years now & looking forward upgrading my gear before next semester starts. Sony offer low price & good function compare to others in entry & intermediate level. Its true Sony is new in DSLR field, but the technology they have in DSLR now is improvement of Konica-Minolta, which they bought over the company years ago. Despite the great specifications they have, such as fast autofocus (AF) in live view mode (LV) & tilt lcd screen, they lack built quality in their kit lens. Slow focusing & chromatic aberration is the thing you might get in the older kit lens (like mine).

Conclusion is, there is no such thing as the perfect brand. Its you who make the difference, not the camera. Go to camera shop & try it all before choosing the one that suit you best. Get the feel & choose the ones with best specs with great value for money. Happy camera hunting =)

For those who trying to figure out the price, here some links as your guide.

If you dont mind buying used stuff, you can check out this link,